The Sister Queens

The Sister Queens - Almost immediately after beginning this book, I found myself on Google, searching out the names of the kings in the story, Henry III of England and Louis IX of France. It is always a thrill to be sparked by historical fiction into further research on the historical figures which the story surrounds. The sister queens, much to my delight, were married to two highly interesting such figures. Eleanor, who married Henry III, the grandson of my beloved Eleanor of Aquitaine, and becomes the mother of Edward Longshanks, the king who was in power during the time of William Wallace (another treasured figure of mine). And Marguerite, who married Louis IX, became the grandmother of Philippe IV, whose daughter, Isabella, became the wife of Longshanks' son, Edward II, and was notoriously suspected of plotting the murder of her husband. You might think this a strange manner in which to begin a book review, but I do this to stress the importance of historical fiction, not only as entertainment, but as a tool for learning. Good historical fiction will incite the reader to investigate the historical figures coming alive in its pages. The Sister Queens is one such book.To read the rest of the review, visit my blog here: