Tumbleweed Christmas

Tumbleweed Christmas - Beverly Stowe McClure, Bridgett McKenna What a charming early reader for children to read at Christmas. It's also a lovely book to read together as a family, which I did with my sons. Although they are a bit older than the age group for this book (they read quite well on their own now and my younger son reads at a higher level than his grade level), they enjoyed the book. I asked them for their thoughts on the book and here is what they said. They both thought it was cool how she figured out to use the tumbleweed as a Christmas tree. They also liked how she gave up her ball glove so she could buy presents for her family. As we were reading, we came to the part where the main character is talking about miracles with her friend. My son said, "Daniel doesn't know what a miracle is?" So I asked him, "Do you know what a miracle is?" He said yes, and told me, "It's something good that happens when you think it won't." Exactly! Tumbleweed Christmas teaches that we should believe in miracles and that sometimes we just may have to make the miracles happen ourselves. Also, I need to mention the wonderful illustrations. Just terrific! I highly recommend this book as a family Christmas book to be shared every year during the season.