The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas - Sheila Roberts Give me a book with a cat and Christmas in it and it's a surefire bet that I'm going to like it. The Nine Lives of Christmas is a lovely Christmas tale told partially from a cat's point of view. The cat is named Ambrose and he is a yellow tabby who is on his last life. Ambrose is so engaging. Sheila really captured what most of us cat lovers know about cats...little lovers with attitude. I enjoyed the parts featuring Ambrose best, with his inner monologue all focused on how he is going to achieve a long and comfortable ninth life. Of course, some matchmaking is in order. It wouldn't be a Christmas story unless there was a little romance thrown in. I was afraid at first that this book might end up very sad. It seems that a lot of the stories featuring animals often do. Luckily, this book filled the bill of a fun and heartwarming Christmas tail (tale...sorry, had to use Sheila's witticism) that just adds to the fun and magic of the season. Thank goodness Nicholas Sparks doesn't write Christmas books.If you love Christmas themed books, you will really enjoy this book. I know it has become part of my permanent Christmas book collection and, I'm sure, will get a reread in Christmases to come!