Robert Rabbin's Authenticity Accelerator

Robert Rabbin's Authenticity Accelerator - Robert Rabbin, Gina Rabbin, Sherrie Hatfield There are two reasons I like this book. 1) It's short and to the point and 2) it make sense. I much prefer self-help/empowerment books that are not too long. I mean, you're trying to help yourself. Who wants it to take five years to read a book, right? And I want said book to make sense. I don't know how many times I've read a book like this and ended up scratching my head wondering what the hell it is the author is talking about. Robert succeeds in making sense by talking about ten words (or five principles) to finding your authentic self. After he describes the process, he then goes on to apply them to certain questions people have about aspects of their lives, such as: fear, regret, right and wrong, self, success, and others. What he says about the past is to learn from it and let it go. You are not the person you were so move on. Pretty simple, huh? Sometimes we have to be told it or read it again and again for it to sink in. And what does he say about success (and this is my favorite new quote)? "Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing. How can you succeed or fail at that? My new mantra! I really liked this book. If you're looking for some authenticity in your life, I recommend you check it out.