The King's Mistress

King's Mistress, the (Lib)(CD) - Emma Campion, Wanda McCaddon This was such a great book. My first real foray into the life of King Edward III and his mistress, Alice Perrers and it was quite enthralling. Campion does an excellent job of portraying the plight of a woman in the 14th century. Women had so very little choice of who they would marry. And then, if the king wants you as his mistress, well then you better bow to his wishes. Alice had no choice in any aspect of her life...everything was decided for her. You could say that she was carried along by fate. But she remained a strong woman in her own right and had many children, who were her life. I really admired her and look forward to reading more about her. Emma Campion is the world's foremost scholar on Alice Perrers. I can see why she was able to write such a wonderful book.