House of Leaves

House of Leaves - This is probably not going to be very long because, frankly, I don't know quite what to write. How to review a book that I liked and found very interesting, yet still gave me a headache every time I read it and has still left me scratching my head? I'm not sure. House of Leaves is literally a labyrinth. Yes, there is an entire chapter that is actually a labyrinth...on the page. What can I say? The book is really an enigma. I still don't know what the truth is, or who was actually telling the story, and this would normally piss me off. But ironically, it just made me more intrigued. Even though I finished the book, I'm still going to look over it more and I found a helpful page on Mark Danielewski's blog. The page is Exploration Z and it's The Idiot's Guide to House of Leaves. I'm going to explore this page and see if it can help me figure a few things out. I know that this review has not really given much insight into if the book is good or not and I apologize for that. Let me just say again...I liked it (4 stars on Goodreads), it's confusing, it gets the reader thinking (I think that's where the headache comes from). Okay, now I'm getting a headache writing this review. ;O)