Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun - S.J. Davis I would actually have given this a 3.5 stars, but since they don't allow it, it gets a four.Steampunk, and vampires, and people infected with a 28 Days Later-esque virus...oh my! This was my first foray into the Steampunk genre and I have to say, it was pretty exciting. Davis has created a Victorian world of gadgets, goggles, and airships, intertwined with a unique vampire race. Vampires who have a sort of peace treaty with humans and who, mostly, care about the human race. When one of their ranks turns rogue, it turns things upside down and the relations between the two races become strained, to say the least.Davis writes well. Her narrative is descriptive and engaging. However, some of the characters are very one dimensional and I became lost a couple of times because the book seemed to jump too fast from scene to scene. I liked how she alluded to Jack the Ripper being the rogue vampire. It all tied in nicely historically, which is a big plus, since I adore history. In all, I think the book could have been somewhat longer as to flesh out the characters more and perhaps develop more of the history and story of the vampires. Plus, a longer book would have made the ending not seem so abrupt. In all though, I enjoyed Invisible Sun. It has made me interested in reading more Steampunk in the future.