Carnage Road

Carnage Road - Gregory Lamberson This is more of a short story or a novella than a novel, but it packs a lot of punch. Anyone who loves zombies will enjoy this little book. I'm a big fan of the AMC television series, The Walking Dead, and this book reminded me of it in some ways. However, Lamberson cleverly added some elements to the story that make it even more frightening.After our heroes, Walker and Boone, lose their crew, they set off on their own. They decide to head to Hollywood because Boone, "wants to see America." The idea is against Walker's judgement, who would much rather go to Canada. Along the way, they meet a preacher who is still tending to his flock...of ghouls. Oh yeah, their called ghouls in this story, not zombies. They are warned that the left over police forces have probably formed militia or something to that effect and that they should avoid them, if at all possible. It turns out that they're not so easy to avoid. They find themselves in the midst of the Founding Fathers' Order lead by a woman that evokes thoughts of Sarah Palin (yikes!). Some of her new world order consists of making abortion illegal and rewriting textbooks to eliminate evolution in favor of creationism. Yikes again! As Walker reflects later on, "With the human race the minority group among biped, we needed to stick together, but the same old differences kept us apart: sexual politics and politics of power. It must have been November already." Frankly, I find this element of the story even more scary than the (zombies) ghouls.Carnage Road is a quick, entertaining read. I really recommend it to anyone who likes zombie stories and especially to anyone who might be afraid of what our world would be like if there was a zombie apocalypse.