Lifting the Wheel of Karma

Lifting the Wheel of Karma - Paul H. Magid This book really is amazing. It's the perfect length, for if it had been longer, it would have lost it's impact. Of course, this is a novel, but the main character Joseph is so real, it seems almost an autobiography. Joseph has been tormented his entire life by nightmares and visions. Little does he know that these occurrences will lead him to his destiny in life.It's funny how I keep reading books that deal with reincarnation. Each time I read about the phenomenon, the further I come in believing it. Something that was said in the book about reincarnation was, "Because it only makes sense. God is not cruel. He is trying to teach us what we need to learn, and giving us many opportunities to learn it....there is too much to learn in just one lifetime. Secondly, do you really think this little planet is the only place life exists in the universe?" That is a convincing argument, in my opinion.I really liked the spiritualism of this book and that it touched on something I truly believe is the answer in our world. Kindness to everyone. At one point, Joseph says, "...God wouldn't mind if we spent a little less time telling him how great he is and a little more time loving each other, and not just the people we're supposed to love, but everyone." Wise words and ones I think we could all live by.I have to say that this book did have a couple of problems. I found myself wondering what happened to the girl Joseph fell in love with. And the story didn't flow as smoothly as it could have at some points. However, in all it is well worth a read because of the message it conveys. We could all learn something from this book.