Little Shepherd

Little Shepherd - Cheryl C. Malandrinos, Eugene Ruble Little Shepherd is a wonderful children's book to share with children during Christmas, or really any time of year. It tells about the birth of Christ in a simple way, while also bringing across to the reader that God is watching over us. I read the book to my sons, who are nine and ten years old and I asked them their thoughts when we finished reading. One thing my younger son said first off was that he liked the illustrations (beautifully done by Eugene Ruble). When I asked him what else he liked about the book, he said he liked when the angels came telling them Jesus was born and when they came to see baby Jesus. I asked him how the sheep were kept safe and he said God watched over the sheep. My older son also liked when they went to see Jesus. He also couldn't believe that Obed was watching over sheep when he was only five years old. When I asked him who kept the sheep safe, he first said the angels and then said God. He then asked me how God did that and I told him that God was the almighty and he protects who and what he chooses. He chose to protect the sheep because he wanted the shepherds to witness the birth of Jesus and therefore, to spread the good news. He said, "I wish I could be God. I like God." Out of the mouth of babes. =O) As you can see, Little Shepherd does get its message across. Although clearly written for a younger audience than my sons, they still enjoyed this lovely book. It's a good edition to any family's Christmas book collection.