Be: Embracing the Mystery - Shirlee Hall Are you a very spiritual person? Do you also like a lot of new age wisdom mixed in with your spirituality? If you answered yes to one or either of these questions, then this book might be for you. Personally, I'm not a hugely spiritual person. I believe in God and I pray, but I'm not really....what can I say? this book. I can see where she was going with it and I did like several of her insights on becoming who we want to be. For instance, she emphasizes the importance of forgiveness, in ourselves and others, in order to become more fully realized as our true selves. I believe this...I have to. Mistakes I have made in recent years have really taken their toll on me mentally and I am trying to learn to forgive myself so I can move on and realize a more fulfilling life. Also, chapters 26 and 27 are excellent in the way she gives specific guidelines for accomplishing these goals. I wish the entire book would have been more like that. In all, if you are spiritual or are looking to add some spiritual qualities to your life, check this book out.